Definition of turn back (or turn someone/something back) in English:

turn back (or turn someone/something back)

phrasal verb

  • Go (or cause someone or something to go) back in the direction in which they have come.

    ‘they turned back before reaching the church’
    ‘police turned back hundreds of cars’
    • ‘Nez smiled, and grabbed Libratra by her sleeves, running with her towards the Police Department, where they were turned back by a CLOSED sign in pure black and white.’
    • ‘Its car was turned back from a police checkpoint near her house.’
    • ‘The tourists instead tried to cross a huge bridge blocks away, dragging their rolling luggage through broken glass, smashed bricks and trash, but they were turned back by police firing warning shots over their heads.’
    • ‘Military police were turning reporters back.’
    • ‘But they were turned back at Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday, because police claimed the groom's Kenyan passport did not have the right visa.’
    • ‘I slung my bag on my back and reached Will, turning him back in the direction we had come.’
    • ‘‘Hundreds of refugees have been turned back at its borders in recent months,’ the statement quoted him as saying.’
    • ‘Three were arrested as the mob was turned back by police.’
    • ‘Fifteen hundred trucks transporting soya to Paraná's port of Paranágua have been turned back at the border.’
    • ‘A group of 150 football hooligans were turned back.’
    retrace one's steps, go back, return
    repulse, drive back, fight back, force back, beat back, beat off, put to flight, repel
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