Definition of turn about in English:

turn about

phrasal verb

  • Move so as to face in the opposite direction.

    ‘Alice turned about and walked down the corridor’
    • ‘Atticus shook his head before turning about to face the remaining contributors to the conversation.’
    • ‘She turned about, and draped her arms over my shoulders.’
    • ‘He cleaved the head off of an imaginary foe before turning about, parrying a blow by another imaginary enemy.’
    • ‘Phoenix turned about and walked.’
    • ‘Kourin watched in dismay as Kellan turned about and began walking towards the mountains.’
    • ‘He turned about and walked over to Ambrose's body.’
    • ‘He turned about and gallantly he chickened out.’
    • ‘She was turning about to face us and at last closing his mouth.’
    • ‘It simply couldn't turn about and reverse direction and position that fast.’
    • ‘It is exactly the kind of scene that van Hoogstraten proposes as ideal for viewing in a camera, full of countless people walking and turning about.’
    change direction, turn round, change course, make a u-turn, reverse direction
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