Definition of Turkmen in English:



  • 1A member of a group of Turkic peoples inhabiting the region east of the Caspian Sea and south of the Aral Sea, now comprising Turkmenistan and parts of Iran and Afghanistan.

    • ‘The Turkmens are perhaps closest to the modern Turks of today.’
    • ‘He cited the rights of the Kurds, Turkmens and women.’
    • ‘Two ethnic Turkmens - whose language is an offshoot of Turkish - are checking out new satellite dishes on the steps of Salih's store.’
    • ‘That plan is bitterly opposed by Turkmens.’
    • ‘Both Turkmen and Kurds insist that they were the dominant population in the city in earlier decades.’
    • ‘To extract an additional 30-40 billion cubic metres of gas, the Turkmen gas industry will require $4-6 billion in investments.’
  • 2mass noun The Turkic language of the Turkmen, having about 3 million speakers.

    • ‘It is related to such languages as Turkish, Kazak, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, and Uzbek.’


  • Relating to the Turkmen, their language, or the region which they inhabit.

    • ‘The Turkmen delegation rose to complain that it, too, had no representative in the independent grouping.’
    • ‘This challenges the economic models of everything from toy design to Turkmen film distribution.’
    • ‘I remember a bearded Turkmen woman solemnly giving me the key to the hotel's only ‘luxury suite’.’
    • ‘When a 670-lb meteorite landed in Turkmenistan in 1999, Turkmen scientists named it after Turkmenbashi.’
    • ‘The Turkmen language used in Turkmenistan borrows many words from Russian.’
    • ‘The demonstration coincided with a general strike by the city's approximately 300,000 Turkmen residents.’


From Persian turkmān, from Turkish tūrkmen; also influenced by Russian turkmen.