Definition of Turk's cap in English:

Turk's cap


  • Any of a number of plants which have parts that are said to resemble a turban or similar headdress.

    (also 'Turk's cap cactus') a barrel-shaped Caribbean cactus (Melocactus communis, family Cactaceae).

    (also 'Turk's cap lily') the martagon lily.

    • ‘Whereas some Turk's caps have large oval leaves, others have lobed leaves or leaves that are nearly round.’
    • ‘The Turk's caps added drama and color to the video.’
    • ‘I'll send you a box of Turk's caps and the lantana.’
    • ‘There are over 1,800 types of wild flowers, including the Apennine edelweiss, Alpine anemone, Turk's caps and numerous orchids.’