Definition of Turing test in English:

Turing test


  • A test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both.

    • ‘Someone said that Junior passed the chess Turing test.’
    • ‘Does Russert think he could pass the Turing test?’
    • ‘There is no computer yet which passes the Turing tests.’
    • ‘The Turing test examines if it is possible for an individual to differentiate between a computer and a human on the basis of their responses to questions alone.’
    • ‘In demonstrating your complete lack of a sense of humour, you have failed the Turing test and proven yourself to be a machine.’
    • ‘Suddenly, an AI, in the ultimate Turing test, decided to get up and leave the game on its own.’
    • ‘The Turing test and saccades are discussed, concisely and brilliantly.’
    • ‘A BBC article suggests a source of artificial intelligence that regularly passes the Turing test.’
    • ‘Everyone has heard of the Turing test, where you chat with a human and a computer and try to figure out which is which.’
    • ‘The Turing test replaces the male querant with a computer whose aim is to pass for human.’
    • ‘They've aced a kind of Turing test for at least one sport.’
    • ‘In 2013, the first computer systems to pass the Turing test are allowed as contestants.’
    • ‘I would like to administer the Turing test to your program at 2: 00 PM on Tuesday, with observation.’
    • ‘Based on the Turing test, the prize is awarded to the most " human’ computer program.’


Turing test