Definition of turf accountant in English:

turf accountant


  • A bookmaker.

    • ‘She later managed a turf accountants ' office in Carlow where she met her lifelong friend Mrs. Mary Walsh, Royal Oak Road,’
    • ‘Another of the characters of our turf accountant is Tom from Cappagh, a lovely old man who had his scooter stolen a few months ago and also a replacement bicycle later.’
    • ‘Revelations pertaining to renowned footballers accruing exorbitant gambling debts have reopened the debate over players and their relationships with turf accountants.’
    • ‘There are plenty of Kildare votes on offer for the man who can effectively encourage more punters in to their local turf accountants.’
    • ‘Like the majority of their countrymen, footballers are simple lads with simple tastes such as playing golf or snooker, or adding to the profits of various turf accountants.’


turf accountant