Definition of turducken in English:



mass nounUS
  • A roast dish consisting of a boned chicken inside a boned duck which is then placed inside a partially boned turkey.

    • ‘Somewhere in the middle of the turducken, 3. you will find the perfect slice, where all three meats and all three stuffings rest side by side in perfect harmony.’
    • ‘By this point, everything you need to make a turducken is at hand.’
    • ‘But now, turducken is a holiday tour-de-force, the third most-searched-for holiday item in 2003, trailing only "turkey" and "fried turkey" in the Thanksgiving holiday category.’
    • ‘Hopefully, everything will be back to normal before I sit down to enjoy the traditional Goldstein Thanksgiving turducken.’
    • ‘In order to complement the three meats in turducken, the traditionalists maintain you need three stuffings.’
    • ‘For Thanksgiving Day, I was supposed to have turducken with a couple peeps, but the restaurant we went to ran out of it, so we had deep-fried turkey instead.’
    • ‘With fork and knife in hand, slowly approach the brown, crisp turducken and marvel at what you have brought into the world.’
    • ‘ is the home of Cajun Stuff, the world's foremost provider of turducken.’
    • ‘On the first day of turducken, you created sausage and oyster stuffing, cornbread stuffing and good ' ol Stove Top stuffing.’
    • ‘Next, an unexpected visit from W. He wants to see the turducken, so I open the range, and we are blinded by smoke!’
    • ‘I took a chance, and earlier in the week, ordered a turducken.’
    • ‘As the name implies, to make a turducken, you will need a turkey, duck and chicken.’
    • ‘Turducken can be long and rather tricky to make.’
    • ‘Mock the gods as you cut into the turducken, 2. defying nature by carving directly across the middle, where that pesky skeletal structure used to be.’
    • ‘A single serving of turducken has 1,639 calories, 107.2 grams of total fat, 577 milligrams of cholesterol, 539 milligrams of sodium and 156.9 grams of protein.’
    • ‘A well-prepared turducken is a marvelous treat, a free-form poultry terrine layered with flavorful stuffing and moistened with duck fat.’
    • ‘With fork in hand you are ready to face the turducken's six layers of intimidation.’


1980s: blend of turkey and duck and chicken.