Definition of turbot in English:



  • 1A European flatfish of inshore waters, which has large bony tubercles on the body and is prized as food.

    • ‘The main fishery for the turbot in Atlantic waters is in the North Sea.’
    • ‘I tell them what to look for in a fresh fish - bright eyes, pink gills and sea slime - then show them how to fillet a turbot and a sea bass.’
    • ‘Salmon, sea trout, cod and turbot are showing signs of reproductive problems, probably linked to the poisons in the sea.’
    • ‘To serve, pour a ladle of broth onto a plate, place the cooked turbot on top and top with the tempura oyster.’
    • ‘Tony even struggles out of bed at 4am most days to buy turbot, squid and lobster from Cornish day boats on the harbour.’
    • ‘The turbot, on the recommendation of the waiter, was served fried instead of grilled.’
    • ‘Nunavut is losing out on at least $100 million in potential revenue because southern companies still fish shrimp and turbot in northern waters.’
    • ‘While Irish water temperatures are suitable for turbot farming cooler winter temperatures cause a slow-down in growth, placing us at a competitive disadvantage.’
    • ‘As with other flatfish, the turbot's eggs contain a droplet of oil that makes the eggs positively buoyant.’
    • ‘Set a slice of the breaded and fried pig's trotter meat next to the turbot filet and top with a turbot steak.’
    • ‘Roast turbot in hot pan in oil and butter for three minutes on each side.’
    • ‘The sea bass can be replaced with halibut or turbot.’
    • ‘I had portions of sashimi of scallops, turbot, and tuna that were acceptable, unless you subscribe to the rule that in raw fish anything less than astounding is unacceptable, and I do.’
    • ‘I can honestly say that is one of the finest fish I have ever eaten anywhere, a cross between salmon, swordfish and turbot.’
    • ‘Unlike the turbot the upper body surface is covered with small scales, not the bony tubercles of the larger species.’
    • ‘Other restaurants in the vicinity specialise in fresh seafood, with wrasse, turbot and octopus being among the most ubiquitous dishes.’
    • ‘A highly valued food fish, the turbot lives along sand and gravel shores.’
    • ‘The main courses were similarly impressive, with my rather tasteless fillet of turbot in a langoustine and scallop sauce the only disappointment.’
    • ‘The turbot was excellent and was served with a sort of tom yam chutney and sweet potatoes.’
    • ‘For the main courses, my turbot was oddly served on some dense little pork raviolis that didn't entirely convince.’
    1. 1.1 Used in names of flatfishes similar to the turbot, e.g. black turbot.
      • ‘As the Latin name suggests, the turbot is the largest species in its family reaching a metre or more in length.’


Middle English: from Old French, of Scandinavian origin.