Definition of turboshaft in English:



  • A gas turbine engine in which the turbine drives a shaft other than a propeller shaft.

    • ‘The S - 70A is equipped with two General Electric turboshaft engines.’
    • ‘With a lifting capacity of 20 000 kg, the giant is powered by two very quiet and very impressive 8550 kilowatt turboshaft engines.’
    • ‘The Ka - 50 is powered by two TV3-117VMA turboshafts engines, each providing 2,200 hp.’
    • ‘The British-built Napier Gazelle turboshaft engine produced 1,450-shaft horsepower at a reduced weight and fuel flow vis-a-vis a radial piston engine.’
    • ‘The helicopter is powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 1A turboshaft engines, mounted to the aft of the transmission.’
    • ‘The Seahawk is equipped with two General Electric T700 - GE - 401C turboshaft engines developing 3,400 shaft horsepower.’
    • ‘The Mi - 8T helicopter is powered by two Klimov TV2-117 turboshafts engines.’