Definition of turbojet in English:



  • 1A jet engine in which the jet gases also operate a turbine-driven compressor for compressing the air drawn into the engine.

    • ‘Such turbine engines are also called jet engines and they embrace a family of products: turbojets, turbofans, and turboprops.’
    • ‘It had four turbojet engines with afterburners, and was the first supersonic aircraft with engine pods mounted outboard on the wings.’
    • ‘It will have a solid rocket booster rather than the turbojet engine and be launched from a torpedo tube.’
    • ‘The technology behind this superb aircraft was the turbojet engine, which produced more power than piston engines and created less drag than a propeller.’
    • ‘He gently reversed the thrust of the turbojet engines, bringing the Concorde to an abrupt halt.’
    • ‘The Gannet has double in-line Mamba turbojet engines driving two sets of contra-rotating propellers though a single driveshaft.’
    • ‘Today, the turbojets in many British and American aircraft owe their origins to Whittle and the many Lancashire workers who brought it into production.’
    • ‘Rather than using a rotating compressor like a turbojet engine, the forward velocity and vehicle aerodynamic design compress air into the engine.’
    • ‘The engines fitted on this particular aircraft were two pistons and two small turbojets (to help it to take off in certain conditions).’
    1. 1.1 An aircraft powered by a turbojet.
      • ‘The White Knight turbojet aircraft climbs over the Mojave desert with SpaceShipOne attached to its underbelly.’
      • ‘With increasing danger from turbojet fighters, the US military began transitioning to primarily an all turbojet fleet of aircraft.’