Definition of turbofan in English:



  • 1A jet engine in which a turbine-driven fan provides additional thrust.

    • ‘Thrust is coming from two components in the turbofan.’
    • ‘The goal of a turbofan engine is to produce thrust to drive the airplane forward.’
    • ‘The thrust of the two turbofan engines on underwing pylons would be uprated or derated to reflect the number of seats, allowing the same engine to be used on all three versions.’
    • ‘He pushed his throttle all the way forward and kicked the afterburning engines of the four large turbofans into action.’
    • ‘Such turbine engines are also called jet engines and they embrace a family of products: turbojets, turbofans, and turboprops.’
    • ‘The swing-wing design and turbofan engines not only provide greater range and high speed at low levels but they also enhance the bomber's survivability.’
    • ‘Its easy forgeability and strength at moderate temperature has led to extensive use as compressor blades and discs in gas-turbine engines and as fan blades in the most recent turbofan engines.’
    • ‘They have also ordered two versions of Predator B with turbofan jet engines.’
    1. 1.1 An aircraft powered by a turbofan.
      • ‘The F - 117A is powered by two turbofan engines from General Electric.’
      • ‘You can see that the core of a turbofan is a normal gas turbine engine like the one described in the previous section.’
      • ‘The Hawk 200 is powered by an Adour 871 twin-spool, low bypass ratio turbofan engine from Rolls-Royce.’