Definition of tunnel kiln in English:

tunnel kiln


  • An industrial kiln in which ceramic items being fired are carried on trucks along a continuously heated passage.

    • ‘Some tunnel kilns reach length of some 100 metres, where by the finish product comes at the end.’
    • ‘The fourth tunnel kiln has four zones of control.’
    • ‘The difference between the modern and early tunnel kiln is the use of blowers for both preheating and cooling.’
    • ‘The firing zone in a tunnel kilns will be fixed at a certain position within the kiln.’
    • ‘After firing the hacks are picked from the tunnel kiln cars with an unloading machine which is equipped with two grippers and put on two unloading lines.’
    • ‘Recommendations were prepared for improving the parameters of be aerodynamic regime for tunnel kilns.’
    • ‘If the green brick were not dried, contained moisture could turn to steam in the tunnel kiln and blow the bricks apart.’
    • ‘High purity sintered dolomite that is sized, blended, pressed into a brick shape, then fired in a high temperature tunnel kiln to create a strong ceramically bonded brick.’
    • ‘The new tunnel kiln burns natural gas and is anticipated to be 25 percent more fuel-efficient than the one it replaces.’
    • ‘The tunnel kiln is a car pushing type continuous kiln consists of preheating, firing and cooling zones.’
    • ‘The minimum sintering time is an hour which is shorter than the time in the fastest conventional tunnel kiln with electric heaters.’
    • ‘For economic and ecological reasons waste heat of the tunnel kiln is used for heating drying chambers.’
    • ‘The traditional tunnel kilns were used commercially until the 1930's.’
    • ‘Accelerating product speed at the same time has increased throughput, and so the inefficient electrical tunnel kiln can be shut down without loss of production capacity.’