Definition of tuner in English:



  • 1A person who tunes musical instruments, especially pianos.

    • ‘The implication is that such fine tuning implies an intelligent tuner.’
    • ‘The night before the tuner was due to tune, I was out with friends in Shoreditch.’
    • ‘According to the Piano Technicians Guild, there are 10,000 tuners for America's 18 million pianos.’
    • ‘After graduating from the school for the blind, Zhang first tried to work at a local piano factory as a tuner but the long travelling time from his home to the factory forced him to drop the job.’
    1. 1.1 An electronic device for tuning a guitar or other instrument.
      • ‘The locked Samsonite briefcase contained five guitar effects pedals and a battery-powered tuner, all linked by electrical cable.’
      • ‘The use of metronomes, electronic tuners or other mechanical devices will not be allowed during the contestant's performance.’
      • ‘A built-in tuner allows for the precise tuning of instruments via the built-in microphone, or through an external microphone.’
      • ‘Someone is going to make a killing soon with Prada guitar picks and extra large electronic tuners for the bi-focalled axe master.’
      • ‘A digital tuner is useful for teachers of certain instruments, and a tape recorder allows students to tape and listen to their own playing.’
    2. 1.2 An electronic device for varying the frequency to which a radio or television is tuned.
      • ‘Most amps have a radio tuner built in, giving them that added functionality.’
      • ‘This little machine holds 1GB of music, features an FM radio tuner and also a voice recorder!’
      • ‘There are a number of products that employ unused FM radio frequencies to send music from your PC to any device with a radio tuner.’
      • ‘You need one of the digital radio tuners that plug into a USB port.’
      • ‘We reach for the tuner on the radio.’
      • ‘The TV supports multiple tuners, and I was lucky enough to test drive a two-tuner setup.’
      • ‘If you use a TV tuner for video caption recording it's a great deal because your sound will be through your sound card, and the video is good quality.’
      • ‘The new player acts as a Web radio tuner and a jukebox that allows users to create playlists.’
      • ‘Untested as of time of press, the sleek-looking box has built-in speakers and a television tuner.’
      • ‘It features two tuners for independent satellite TV viewing on two separate televisions.’
      • ‘Remixing sometimes sounds like twiddling the radio tuner rapidly through different stations.’
      • ‘As it happens, that song is one guaranteed to make me lunge for the tuner on the radio.’
      • ‘Jeff likes to listen to the radio but is not allowed to have a radio in the office, so he buys a tv tuner card that has radio support.’
      • ‘Yet another audio tool at your disposal is the FM Radio tuner.’
      • ‘Many of these cards also function as television tuners, so you can turn your computer into a complete entertainment system.’
      • ‘The PC serves as the DVD player, TV / FM tuner, video recorder and storage medium for music, photos and video.’
      • ‘In the car, Chase fumbled with the radio tuner in an attempt to take his mind off the conversation he and Cheyne had never had about Danny.’
      • ‘A motor in the TV set operated the tuner through the remote control.’
      • ‘A digital radio hi-fi tuner will come with an indoor aerial, either a ribbon dipole or a monopole (half dipole).’
      • ‘If they'd included a radio tuner, I would have bought one already.’
    3. 1.3 A separate unit for detecting and preamplifying a programme signal and supplying it to an audio amplifier.
    4. 1.4 A person who tunes car engines or other machines.
      • ‘Import restrictions and greater familiarity with Japanese engines has prompted American tuners to use the Honda VTEC powerplant though.’
      • ‘For the engine tuners, Michigan is a delicate balance between fuel economy and horsepower.’
      • ‘‘Chad pays attention to every detail,’ says Danny Emerick, the team's engine tuner.’
      • ‘Jason is the best engine tuner and dyno operator in the country, and he's still going to drive our second car.’
      • ‘Engine tuners give weather a lot of consideration when they adjust their set-ups.’
      • ‘Her dad, Dave James, was an engine tuner and she'd seen enough oily chains and carburettors at her home in Stockport to last her a lifetime.’
      • ‘To my utter amazement, after discussing various engine tuners, Clive offered to ask John Oliver in person if he would do the refurbishment.’
      • ‘I talked to most of the engine tuners and I particularly liked the sound of Bill Richards.’