Definition of tune out in English:

tune out

phrasal verb

  • Stop listening or paying attention.

    ‘if you're in a boring lecture you can tune out’
    • ‘She tuned out their conversation and paid attention to the food in front of her.’
    • ‘The problem is that it's just this kind of attitude that makes it less likely your grades will improve; by tuning out, you'll only make it more likely that you won't do as well as you should next time.’
    • ‘Prudence tried to tune out their angry voices, instead listening to the sound of her own heartbeat.’
    • ‘This was a year where advertisers were very worried about the death of the 30-second spot because people were tuning out of television.’
    • ‘The key now is to tune out the ‘white noise’ and stop fighting.’
    • ‘Natalie tuned out the lecture and took to watching her teacher warily.’
    • ‘This was what classes were to be like, how teachers should be like; not bad to look at, easy to listen to, and easier to tune out from.’
    • ‘University campuses have become so cartoonishly left-wing that many students are essentially just tuning out their professors.’
    • ‘Maybe we were loud, I tended to tune out whatever background noise was going on and just listen to the people.’
    • ‘They start tuning out and completely miss the message.’