Definition of tundish in English:



  • A broad open container or large funnel with one or more holes at the bottom, used especially in plumbing or metal-founding.

    • ‘The steel passing from the tundishes to the moulds is again shrouded with refractory tubes to prevent reoxidation.’
    • ‘Steel tundishes are lined with dense refractory products backed up by insulation materials.’
    • ‘Heat loss is reduced by the formation of a uniform slag cover on top of the tundish metal surface’
    • ‘The invention has particular utility for tundishes used in the continuous casting of steel.’
    • ‘These systems are used for level measurement in continuous caster molds and tundishes and slag detection in ladles.’
    • ‘The tundishes are used to feed liquid steel to Nucor's four-strand billet caster.’
    • ‘It is preferable to have both the tundish and the final discharge point visible to view on a frequent basis.’
    • ‘Durable tundish lids are manufactured to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses during operation.’
    • ‘To get the juice through the bunghole, a device like a small half cask with a tube on the bottom termed a tundish or tunpail was employed as a funnel.’
    • ‘A surface layer of active tundish flux can be used over the entire tundish thereby improving inclusion pick-up.’


From tun + dish.