Definition of tumbler in English:



  • 1A drinking glass with straight sides and no handle or stem.

    • ‘Don't burn your fingers on a tumbler.’
    • ‘I pour half a tumbler, raise the glass, sniff and taste.’
    • ‘I bought some cool, plain, glass tumblers from a thrift store and will start an etching design for them this weekend.’
    • ‘I have a really cute new set of stripy tableware: dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, mugs, tumblers and cutlery.’
    • ‘Earl looked down at the smoky glass tumbler braced in the palm of his hand and swigged down the last sip of whiskey.’
    • ‘The tea flows even today, poured hot and sweet into stainless-steel tumblers as manna after a rigorous climb. and it afforded us time to ruminate about the incongruities of the temple.’
    • ‘By then the indigenously produced drink had made its way into tumblers and cups across the country, especially South India.’
    • ‘They drank from heavy tumblers, staring out the windows at the valley that opened before them.’
    • ‘Guests have been asked for eight sherry glasses, eight champagne flutes, eight whisky tumblers, eight brandy goblets and two decanters.’
    • ‘He pauses to pour ice water into a clear glass tumbler, and drinks from it heartily.’
    • ‘Mr. Harding carefully set down his glass tumbler without shifting his gaze from his son.’
    • ‘Put yogurt into a shallow glass or tumbler.’
    • ‘Wine was sometimes drunk from glass tumblers.’
    • ‘And when I emerged from the treatment room, I was met with a tumbler of water and a cobalt-blue glass tray bearing a chilled towel and three perfect strawberries.’
    • ‘It seems extraordinary that this crumbling little eatery with its plastic tumblers and splintery benches should be so favoured by the rich and famous.’
    • ‘Saturate lump sugar with bitters in a thick tumbler or mug.’
    • ‘She had four tumbler glasses each about half full.’
    • ‘Fill a tumbler with ice, and strain shaker into glass of ice.’
    • ‘If a glass tumbler is pressed firmly against a septicaemic rash, the rash will not fade.’
    • ‘Philip held the tumbler until his brother drank his fill.’
    glass, drinking glass, beaker
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  • 2An acrobat, especially one who performs somersaults.

    • ‘She is a very strong tumbler on floor.’
    • ‘Clearly, we all have something to learn from these clowns and tumblers.’
    • ‘She is a very strong tumbler and vaulter, but only 38 kilos.’
    • ‘Many of the tumblers and trapeze artists were fairly minimally - but decently - dressed.’
    • ‘It must have been the end of the school day for them as a flurry of wannabe clowns, tumblers and tightrope walkers came out of the bar as I was passing by.’
    • ‘While in the circus, Masha married the power tumbler Alexander Kourbatov.’
    • ‘Moving slickly between tumblers and acrobats, the action takes in an absurdly daring high-wire act.’
    • ‘The top women tumbler was Chrystel Robert who did a full-twisting double layout through to a piked full-in.’
    • ‘In 2002 she relocated to the U.S. with the intention of training as a power tumbler.’
    • ‘Three young tumblers from Croydon School of Gymnastics have won places in the London primary schools team for next month's national club finals in Cardiff.’
    • ‘Like a traditional circus, there are jugglers, trapeze acts, tumblers and contortionists.’
    • ‘She was obviously enjoying the antics of the jugglers and tumblers illuminated by the flickering light.’
    1. 2.1 A pigeon of a breed that repeatedly turns over backwards in flight.
  • 3A tumble dryer.

  • 4A pivoted piece in a lock that holds the bolt until lifted by a key.

    • ‘Pieces fall comfortingly into place like tumblers in a well-oiled lock.’
    • ‘I heard the tumblers in the lock click into position.’
    • ‘He dug out his key and stuck it in the lock, feeling the tumblers give way.’
    • ‘The girls had never known lock picking to be such a dangerously loud task before, as Loki's attempts rattled the tumblers of the lock so much, someone in a surrounding house could hear it from an open door or window.’
    • ‘To my immense relief I heard the tumblers inside the lock falling away.’
    • ‘The connections slipped into place like the tumblers in a well-oiled lock and the revelation they unlocked left me standing stunned.’
    • ‘Then I hear the tumblers click as Hofmann locks the front door behind us.’
    • ‘Finally, the tumblers of the resistant lock had come round in the magical right combination.’
    • ‘Only a specific shape will recognize the tumbler combination in a lock.’
    • ‘You listen to the tumblers falling in a lock, with a sound like faraway applause.’
    • ‘The key Fran was holding at that moment fit right into the lock and the tumblers turned.’
    1. 4.1 A notched pivoted plate in a gunlock.
  • 5An electrical switch worked by pushing a small sprung lever.

  • 6

    another term for tumbling barrel