Definition of tumble dryer in English:

tumble dryer


  • A machine that dries washed clothes by spinning them in hot air inside a rotating drum.

    • ‘It seems the filter fell off the back of the tumble dryer's drum.’
    • ‘Concealed neatly in this part of the house is a tumble dryer and washing machine.’
    • ‘The fire was caused by an electrical fault in a tumble dryer.’
    • ‘Heating is by electric storage units and each house has a washing machine, a tumble dryer and a microwave.’
    • ‘In a corner, a tumble drier was perched on top of a washing machine.’
    • ‘Use a washing line or clothes horse - not a tumble drier.’
    • ‘There is plumbing for a washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher.’
    • ‘I put yesterday's washing in the tumble dryer.’
    • ‘On the left is a utility room plumbed for a washing machine, with a tumble dryer and sink.’
    • ‘He told me to take his shirt from the washing machine and throw it into the tumble dryer.’
    • ‘The washing machine, tumble drier and freezer in the utility room were all melted by the fire and the house was heavily smoke-logged.’
    • ‘The next week the lady called out the washing machine man to look at her tumble dryer as thick black smoke was coming out of it.’
    • ‘You have to put all your clothes into an electricity-eating tumble drier instead of letting them dry naturally in the fresh air.’
    • ‘When I got back in he had vacuumed, taken the washing out of the tumble dryer and put another load in.’
    • ‘Mr and Mrs Waddington are to take advice over plans to launch legal action against the company which sold them the tumble dryer.’
    • ‘The installation of an industrial tumble dryer means no more trips to the launderette on Skye, an hour away.’
    • ‘It is fully plumbed for a washing machine, and tumble dryer.’
    • ‘When he was out they tried to barricade the door with a tumble dryer.’
    • ‘I've had these in my London homes for years, and I own neither an Aga nor a back-up tumble dryer.’


tumble dryer

/ˌtʌmbəl ˈdrʌɪə/