Definition of tulip shell in English:

tulip shell


  • A predatory marine mollusc with a sculptured spiral shell resembling that of a whelk.

    Family Fasciolariidae, class Gastropoda, in particular Fasciolaria tulipa, which is common in the Caribbean

    • ‘The family Fasciolariidae contains a wide variety of groups, such as the tulip shells, the horse conchs, and the spindle shells.’
    • ‘They had oysters, sea urchins, conch shells, tulip shells, starfish, and crabs either attached or living on them.’
    • ‘If you are like me, you find it disappointing to read about a shell trip to a wonderful sounding marine area, only to find it is 90% about the country, and the other 10% is about all the money cowries or tulip shells that were found.’
    • ‘The thick, sculptured lip of the tulip shell is used to chip a hole in the prey's shell, then the proboscis is inserted.’
    • ‘Conch are the favorite food for lobster, sting rays, tulip shells, crabs, octopus, turtles and porcupine fish.’