Definition of tucuxi in English:



  • A small stout-bodied dolphin with a grey back and pinkish underparts, living along the coasts and rivers from Panama to Brazil and in the Amazon.

    Sotalia fluviatilis, family Delphinidae

    • ‘But it is the face that is most arresting: compared with the tucuxi's neat, smooth head, the boto's bulbous forehead seems misshapen, like a troll's or a dwarf's.’
    • ‘In comparison, the tucuxi, one of the smallest dolphins, is about 5 feet long and 100 pounds.’
    • ‘A single tucuxi leapt into the air, spinning, then crashed into the water with a splash.’
    • ‘Mix altruism with hedonism for ten days by helping Brazilian scientists study the sensitive tucuxi dolphin off the lush island of Ilha do Cardoso, in the Cananéia Estuary, south of São Paulo.’