Definition of tucker box in English:

tucker box


NZ, Australian
  • A box used for storing or carrying provisions.

    ‘Eric dug into the tucker box and got out onions and potatoes’
    • ‘Noticing his hungry look and empty tucker box
    • ‘Gelignite boxes made good tucker boxes.’
    • ‘Not too long after the horsemen depart, the cook has reluctantly left the fire, and has washed up, and is tidying the tucker box.’
    • ‘We'd go to town and he'd look in our tucker boxes and steal our bread and tinned stuff’
    • ‘A fire is lit in the oil drum, the billy is dipped over the side of the boat and filled, the 'tucker box' is produced and its contents spread.’
    • ‘There were two tucker-boxes hanging in the bough shed.’
    • ‘He will be driven from learning by a lack of clothing, or else an empty tucker-box.’
    • ‘A famous monument near the NSW town of Gundagai depicts a tucker box with a dog sitting on top.’