Definition of tuck shop in English:

tuck shop


  • A shop, typically one on school premises, that sells confectionery, snacks, and soft drinks.

    ‘the tasty crisps have proved popular with school tuck shops’
    • ‘They are particularly proud of their healthy tuck shop, which does a roaring trade in toast and orange juice.’
    • ‘School dinners were disgusting, but if we did not eat it we got fined—losing money from the pocket money we had for the tuck shop.’
    • ‘Whenever a prefect called, you had to run and if you were the first there you had to do a message like visiting the tuckshop for the prefect to buy him a pie.’
    • ‘Mondays provided me and my siblings with the post-weekend no-fresh-bread luxury of buying lunch from the school tuckshop.’
    • ‘He is good-humoured and popular, and has ambitions to run the school tuckshop.’
    • ‘The scheme is about, for instance getting schools to stock fruit and vegetables at the tuck shop instead of sweets.’
    • ‘At my son's school, the tuck shop only supplies healthy food and juices.’
    • ‘I bought a drink from the tuck shop, which left me with no money at all.’
    • ‘The shop has already come up with fruit-based snacks for school tuck shops in the area.’
    • ‘They are already keen to work with schools to develop food policies, run healthy tuck shops, and teach both pupils and staff more about how to eat a healthy balanced diet.’