Definition of tubiform in English:



  • Having the shape of a tube; tube-shaped.

    • ‘Halysis is distinguished from the Microproblematicum Flabellia by not being tubiform.’
    • ‘Lipina grouped these specimens, that show sheets of cells, together with others that are clearly tubiform, but we do not see convincing evidence that these specimens are taxonomically related.’
    • ‘It has subsequently been interpreted as a tubiform green alga and as a cyanobacterium, and Ordovician specimens that are evidently Halysis have been referred to the filamentous green alga Oedogonium Link, 1820.’
    • ‘Processes generally hollow, tubiform to tapering, sometimes with striae and annular thickenings along their length; they are distally open or closed and furcated.’
    tube-shaped, pipe-like
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