Definition of tuberculin in English:



mass noun
  • A sterile protein extract from cultures of tubercle bacillus, used in a test by hypodermic injection for infection with or immunity to tuberculosis, and also formerly in the treatment of the disease.

    • ‘All pregnant patients with HIV infection should also undergo tuberculin skin testing as part of their routine prenatal care.’
    • ‘Tuberculin skin testing with tuberculin purified protein derivative is used to screen persons for latent tuberculosis infection.’
    • ‘The usual screening test for tuberculosis is the Mantoux skin test with five tuberculin units of purified protein derivative.’
    • ‘Sputum culture and smears, tuberculin testing, and radiography are all essentially 19th century inventions.’
    • ‘The tuberculin skin test is used to diagnose latent tuberculosis infection, but it requires two visits and skilled personnel for test placement and interpretation.’


Late 19th century: from Latin tuberculum (see tubercle) + -in.