Definition of tube-nosed bat in English:

tube-nosed bat


  • An Old World bat with tubular nostrils.

    an insectivorous Asian bat (genus Murina, family Vespertilionidae).

    a fruit bat found chiefly in New Guinea and Sulawesi (genus Nyctimene, family Pteropodidae).

    • ‘We have all 4 species of Australian flying foxes in permanent care, as well as tube-nosed bats and microbats.’
    • ‘As its common name suggests, the Philippine tube-nosed bat is endemic to the Philippines, where it is recorded only from the islands of Cebu, Negros and Sibuyan.’
    • ‘At night tube-nosed bats feed on soft fruits and nectar, while either hovering in front of the blossoms or climbing among flower clusters.’
    • ‘Queensland tube-nosed bats are polygamous with one breeding season.’
    • ‘The tube-nosed bats have laterally directed, tube-like nostrils, of uncertain function’