Definition of tube-like in English:



  • See tube

    • ‘Mites damage ferns by puncturing the edges of fern fronds with their tube-like stylets and other mouthparts, sucking up the nutritious contents of frond cells.’
    • ‘Tearing a piece from a large lump of kneaded dough on the metal table, the master baker swiftly rolled it out into a long, tube-like form.’
    • ‘Roll from this end into a tube-like shape, with pointed ends, and curve ends in to form a croissant shape.’
    • ‘The oesophagus (food pipe) is a tube-like structure, about 25 cm long, lying in the chest.’
    • ‘Native bluebells are true blue in colour, the blooms are tube-like and elongated, with a delicate droop Spanish bluebells are more upright, the blooms are more of a shorter, open bell-shape.’