Definition of tubby in English:



  • 1informal Short and rather fat.

    ‘a small, tubby man’
    • ‘The other was short and tubby with curly black hair and brown skin.’
    • ‘Even as the tubby principal shouted, doors smacked against the walls and a horde of young teenagers filled the immediate area.’
    • ‘Of his accomplices, one was about 6ft tall and tubby, and wore shorts, a red checked shirt and sandals.’
    • ‘Hummingbirds and little tubby warblers darted among the trees.’
    • ‘The defiant stare, too, would have made a subtle effect, emphasised by the averted, pixellated face of the tubby, shorter guard.’
    • ‘A tubby girl with short blonde hair sat in a seat far in the back.’
    • ‘At first we didn't have a lot in common: he's a middle aged east African Asian with a knowing smile, while I'm a tubby ham-fisted writer without much sense of the world.’
    • ‘We paused to scrutinise tree tops for the green, blue and yellow birds, and were rewarded by several pairs of the tubby ungainly fowl.’
    • ‘Since his medication seems to have made him less energetic and incredibly gluttonous, he's getting rather tubby now.’
    • ‘The door was opened by a short tubby girl with spectacles.’
    • ‘I cannot imagine any other country believing that the image it wants to present in the 21st century is of tubby politicians in national costume.’
    • ‘Right as I was thinking that the door swung open and a small tubby woman came speeding through and sat down on the chair at the other side of the desk.’
    • ‘A short, tubby man with wire rimmed glasses came waddling out, a fourth grader I recognized from school in front of him.’
    • ‘The teacher was a short tubby lady with wiry brown hair that was constantly in her face.’
    • ‘Whereas Costello was short and tubby, Woodley was tall and stick thin, but he was nonetheless hilariously adept at comedic facial expressions and body language.’
    • ‘The tubby volunteers will eat low-calorie food prepared by a celebrity chef, work out three times a day, and try to avoid the ‘temptation fridge’ containing all their favourite fattening snacks.’
    • ‘His accomplice is white, 5ft 11 in, tubby or of large build, but not as big as the first suspect.’
    • ‘On the other hand, this will not be a great night for couture designers; Jack is a driven character, but also short, tubby and bedraggled, heedless of fashion's demands.’
    • ‘The tubby pooch is helping launch a week-long scheme offering free health checks to pets - particularly those battling with obesity.’
    • ‘The match pitted a tubby American bloke against a skinny British bloke, both of whom seemed to take an eternity to compose themselves before each shot.’
    chubby, plump, stout, roly-poly, dumpy, chunky, broad in the beam, portly, rotund
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  • 2(of a sound) lacking resonance; dull (as that of a tub when struck)

    ‘historic classical recordings with a tubby overall sound’
    • ‘One would think that all those cellos would produce a thick, tubby sound, but Boulez's rhythmic and contrapuntal virtuosity keep the music lively and athletic.’
    • ‘The Stokowski recording is a bit tubby here but it is an exciting performance.’