Definition of tub-thumping in English:



derogatory, informal
  • attributive Expressing opinions in a loud or aggressive manner.

    ‘a tub-thumping speech’
    • ‘Ironically, however, he says tub-thumping populism is exactly what isn't needed.’
    • ‘The company had intended the launch to be the usual raucous, overblown tub-thumping spectacle, but subsequent to last week's events a far more sober event will be appropriate.’
    • ‘The jibes that he was nothing more than a gaffe-prone, tub-thumping populist hurt because they were perilously close to the truth.’
    • ‘So much self-serving tub-thumping rubbish has been talked about ‘Moral Re-Armament’ that the phrase is disreputable.’
    • ‘It will be hard for him to win, but already he has created such a stir that the party's expected tub-thumping victory is now in doubt.’
    • ‘He is likely to be more upbeat, less highbrow, but nonetheless less tub-thumping than most home affairs spokesmen when he speaks to delegates at 3pm today.’
    • ‘Yet the novel is not a tub-thumping tract but rich in suggestion, a record of how people felt and behaved.’
    • ‘By turns a tub-thumping populist and an exponent of radical reform, he can veer from policy measures which are crudely authoritarian to others which seem positively progressive.’
    • ‘Despite a tub-thumping speech at conference he has proved himself lazy and self-regarding in the race so far.’
    • ‘The platform at the front of the stage rises up like a pulpit, as Neil suddenly comes on like a crazed tub-thumping preacher man, delivering a bizarre sermon which starts off tongue-in-cheek, and ends up largely sincere.’
    • ‘We should avoid the overblown statements and tub-thumping oratory.’
    • ‘While the country's fortunes looked good, he wrote his share of tub-thumping patriotic works.’
    • ‘He was in tub-thumping mode this week as the hours ticked down to his side's Premiership opener against Aston Villa.’
    • ‘It's more about continuing improvement, but obviously the end goal has to be to win the World Cup - without making any tub-thumping promises.’
    • ‘So now we're back to petty tub-thumping and infantile flag-waving - business as usual!’
    • ‘Anyway, he is hardly a part of the tub-thumping religious zealots on the right.’
    • ‘In religion, he started as an ardent Catholic and then became a tub-thumping atheist.’


mass nounderogatory, informal
  • The expression of opinions in a loud or aggressive way.

    ‘where I had expected bluster and tub-thumping, I got sweetly understated humour’
    • ‘As an account of a dazzling wartime exploit, the apotheosis of boffinry, the film isn't above a certain amount of tub-thumping, but the director also knows that there are moments when it's the silent tub that makes the most noise.…’
    • ‘What's more, the prospect of one of the most important chunks of Britain's transport infrastructure being sold soon riled a good deal of nationalistic tub-thumping.’
    • ‘But there was no tub-thumping, finger-wagging or speechifying, no feeling of electricity or sense that this was an important opportunity, theirs for the taking.’
    • ‘His challenge is to prove that the disruptive, tub-thumping and sometimes selfish approach will not be at the expense of long-term stability.’
    • ‘First World War remembrance was never that tub-thumping in the first place.’
    • ‘But the film was far more than a piece of political tub-thumping.’
    • ‘There was none of the tub-thumping of his predecessor at last night's fans' forum.’
    • ‘After the initial tub-thumping, the author settles down to offer a sensibly inclusive, broad-church definition of jazz.’
    • ‘He certainly does not engage in supremacist tub-thumping, because this would rip away the stuff of the world that makes his perspective complete, while keeping his feet on the ground.’
    • ‘While clearly Teresa did what was necessary - largely to save her own neck - and it is also an interesting story, there is no need and even less justification to turn those events into feminist tub-thumping.’
    • ‘Where I had expected bluster and tub-thumping, I got sweetly understated humour.’
    • ‘But it's not just populist tabloid tub-thumping.’
    • ‘All this tub-thumping will have been useful if it persuades people that Scotland are worth playing for again.’
    • ‘In reality, however, they are merely endorsing the dopey brand of entertainment industry tub-thumping that he has done so much to encourage.’
    • ‘The school brought in yet another new coach this year and out came the same old tub-thumping.’