Definition of tsessebi in English:


(also sassaby, tsessebe)


  • A topi (antelope) of a race found mainly in southern Africa.

    "Damaliscus lunatus lunatus", family "Bovidae". Alternative name: bastard hartebeest

    • ‘But by description, the tsessebe is hartebeest in appearance and has a long face and sloping back similar to the hartebeest.’
    • ‘Most antelopes are good runners (the S. African sassaby, for example, is said to be faster than any horse) and many of them graze in herds on plains.’
    • ‘There were enough impala that soon I too was saying casually, ‘Oh, more of them,’ but there were other antelopes as well: kudu, tsessebe and red lechwe, with their horns curving madly in distinctive shapes.’


Mid 19th century: from Setswana.