Definition of try-on in English:



  • An attempt to fool or deceive someone.

    ‘he has suggested they run away together, but both know it is not even a try-on’
    • ‘This is just a try-on by the EU Commission and others, and we will not put up with it.’
    • ‘But, I think he will agree that a 100 plus was never ever going to be agreed to and was a try-on by the developer which is what they always seem to do.’
    • ‘I sent that opening to the publishers as a try-on, thinking they'd want it changed.’
    • ‘It is a very crude try-on, and certainly I shall never use it again; but in those days my name was unknown in the hobby, and experienced players will believe anything of a novice.’
    • ‘We'd all like to not take full responsibility for our actions; is the insanity defence something which is a bit of a try-on?’
    • ‘A lot of them are simply try-ons and we soon set the record straight on how we intend to react.’
    • ‘In my 20s, however, I topped Isabelle in try-ons.’