Definition of truth table in English:

truth table


  • 1A diagram in rows and columns showing how the truth or falsity of a proposition varies with that of its components.

    • ‘The truth table for the (standard, ‘material implication’ logical version of) ‘if A then B’ is so if the whole sentence is true and B is false, then A must also be false.’
    • ‘The statement ‘I am wet’ can be either true or false, and this accounts for the last two columns in the truth table.’
    • ‘As early as 1894 Dodgson used truth tables for the solution of specific logic problems.’
    • ‘The fourth column can be read off from the truth table for disjunction.’
    • ‘A well-known example of an effective method is the truth table test for tautologousness.’
    1. 1.1Electronics A diagram of the outputs from all possible combinations of input.
      • ‘The current activation/deactivation state of the array is then converted, advantageously via truth table logic, into a digital signal representative of the current position of the marker.’
      • ‘A truth table shows how a logic circuit's output responds to various combinations of the inputs, using logic 1 for true and logic 0 for false.’
      • ‘The logic gate truth table or truth tables used for electronic logic gates circuits including the AND, NAND, OR, NOR and exclusive OR circuits.’