Definition of truth in sentencing in English:

truth in sentencing


  • The principle that a sentence given to a convicted person should be served in full.

    ‘we have this constant call for tougher sentences and truth in sentencing’
    • ‘The truth in sentencing conference exposed some of the more ridiculous situations that exist in this country with regard to violent crime.’
    • ‘One thing that I absolutely think is necessary is truth in sentencing.’
    • ‘Before they brought in this wonderful truth in sentencing stuff and so on, ten or eleven years was the average period of a murder sentence.’
    • ‘A popular uprising against sentencing laws has swept across the nation in the past decade, winning passage of tough mandatory minimum sentences and "truth in sentencing" laws.’
    • ‘Why does he not support truth in sentencing and lock up a whole lot more for a whole lot longer?’
    • ‘His government has strengthened "truth in sentencing" laws that prevent judges and parole authorities from shortening jail terms.’
    • ‘Truth in sentencing means that the four years means exactly what it says: they serve every day of that four years, and that's the situation in Victoria now.’
    • ‘Should courts, when sentencing offenders, have one eye on the remissions system that used to operate before truth in sentencing legislation came in?’
    • ‘We called for "truth in sentencing" and an end to release at the half-way stage which is automatic for nearly all prisoners.’
    • ‘We are the party that believes in truth in sentencing and zero tolerance, and is tough on crime, but believes in justice.’