Definition of trustworthily in English:



  • See trustworthy

    • ‘Forest certification is a modern market-based tool that can be used to support forest managers who freely decide to manage forests in a way that is sustainable in all its aspects, and to trustworthily express their decisions to the public via the use of the FSC logo on products.’
    • ‘And I think if we're to continue to be trusted in the world, we need to follow the blueprint that they gave for coming home honorably and trustworthily.’
    • ‘In other words, the partners behave trustworthily because it is in their own interest.’
    • ‘With the intention of trustworthily representing the different recommendations and gratefulness from our clients, we have maintained texts in its original language.’
    • ‘Such principle assumes that people can be motivated to behave trustworthily by trustful actions.’