Definition of trust company in English:

trust company


  • A company formed to act as a trustee or to deal with trusts.

    • ‘Rather than sell a small noncontrolling stake, the trust company figured selling its entire stake would bring a higher price per share, a so-called control premium.’
    • ‘You can choose a person you trust or a trust company to serve as trustee to manage the funds during your wife's lifetime.’
    • ‘Furthermore, if either of the divorcing couple are only discretionary beneficiaries, they cannot call upon any of the assets or income of the trust, unless they also control the trust company.’
    • ‘Ultimately the majority of the committee, whilst feeling that the proposal had merit, believed that the ability of a trust company to transact business with its parent company should be controlled by Parliament.’
    • ‘To avoid some or all of these potential problems, you should discuss the possibility of naming a financial institution or trust company to serve as sole trustee, or as co-trustee.’