Definition of trumpetfish in English:


nounPlural trumpetfishes

  • An elongated marine fish with a long, narrow snout, resembling a pipefish. It lives around reefs and rocks in tropical waters and typically hangs in a semi-vertical position.

    Family Aulostomidae and genus Aulostomus: several species

    • ‘As with other sites, there is an odd mixture of cold- and warm-water species, like trumpetfish swimming along beside a shoal of mullet and bream!’
    • ‘Almost every day, we snorkel off a different island, dazzled by the brilliant, seemingly abundant sea life: angelfish, butterfly fish, damselfish, parrot fish, trumpetfish, schools of golden rays flying through the water.’
    • ‘Moray eels, garfish and trumpetfish were roaming and snapping at a plethora of potential prey.’
    • ‘The parrotfish is used as a mobile camouflage screen, hiding the trumpetfish from the small reef fish on which it preys.’
    • ‘There were plenty of fish: blue-striped grunts, moray eels, butterflyfish, bright yellow trumpetfish and multi-coloured wrasse.’