Definition of trullo in English:



  • (in the Italian region of Apulia) a small round stone house with a conical roof.

    ‘the narrow winding streets are lined with trulli’
    • ‘In the modern part of town, the 18th-century Trullo Sovrano is the only two-floor trullo, built by a wealthy priest's family.’
    • ‘This conical-roofed house or trullo in 3.5 acres could be extended to create a second bedroom.’
    • ‘Painting number two, an abandoned trullo near Alberobello in Puglia.’
    • ‘One of the best places to see trulli is Alberobello.’
    • ‘This trullo with private, 10m swimming pool has been restored to provide a relaxing holiday villa in Puglia.’
    • ‘Two miles from the Adriatic coast and forty minutes from the picturesque Alberobello's trulli, stone, light and color permeate daily life.’
    • ‘Most of the trulli are still people's homes - as evidenced by the women shelling peas on the front stoops.’
    • ‘I stayed at Acquarossa, a converted trullo about 10 miles from Alberobello.’
    • ‘Frankly, the trulli are the most interesting things to see in this part of Italy.’
    • ‘In reality, an unheated trullo is damp and chilly in the winter.’