Definition of truffled in English:



  • (of food) cooked, garnished, or stuffed with truffles.

    ‘a truffled turkey’
    • ‘Between us we ordered mains of roasted duck on creamy potato mash with vegetables and caramelised citrus jus, and venison with kumara mash, truffled mushrooms and Syrah reduction.’
    • ‘I deliberately hoarded my beautifully sautéed duck breast and truffled mash.’
    • ‘The service and the food were both excellent, kicking off with an amuse-bouche of truffled field mushroom soup and pressed pork with capers and parsley and a hint of balsamic sweetness.’
    • ‘A layered and truffled potato cake, and a strangely matched champagne sabayon sauce, could not make the dish click.’
    • ‘He told me they had tins of truffled duck foie gras for $85.’
    • ‘My dining companion and I elected to begin with foie gras ballottine with truffled cauliflower and white peach soup, and rump of veal with pickled girolles, green leaf salad, tomato and tarragon dressing.’
    • ‘We arrived with good memories of a truffled beef carpaccio, a delicious tender steak and a waitress who bought us free wine as an apology for being slow.’
    • ‘So I went for a large portion of deep-fried truffled Brie with marinaded mushroom salad and flat parsley pesto for £8.95-somehow forgetting I wasn't actually that keen on the taste of Brie!’
    • ‘As well as a three-course lunch menu and an à la carte dinner menu, there is also an evening gourmet menu available, which features such delights as truffled white onion velouté with sautéed spatzle.’
    • ‘At Carpaccio, in the fashionable Hagenplatz, she likes to dine on truffled pasta.’
    • ‘I am not a fan of truffled foie gras, and had the menu been clearer I wouldn't have ordered it.’
    • ‘As we battle for crusts of baguette to mop up remains of a tiny bowl of truffled foie gras, we talk about art.’
    • ‘Things just kept getting better as the chicken with French lentils in its truffled honey glaze found its way into the feeding frenzy.’
    • ‘How was it possible, we wondered, that one small batch of truffled French Fries could be served hot along with five other tiny lamb dishes?’
    • ‘There were more round and oval plates, plates of stuffed tongue, truffled galantine, brawn with pistachio nuts, while next to her, within reach, were larded veal, liver and hare pâté in yellow terrines.’
    • ‘A plump ravioli of quail to start comes with a garlicky, truffled purée of beautifully green Savoy cabbage.’
    • ‘My niece Hillary would make silky salt-roasted fennel with olives and herbs, a grapefruit-pomegranate tart, a salad with arugula and pears, and for breakfast, lemon-ricotta pancakes and truffled egg toasts.’
    • ‘Mom took her appetizer recommendation, a warm lobster salad in a martini glass with layers of truffled potatoes and slow-cooked broccoli.’