Definition of truffle in English:



  • 1A strong-smelling underground fungus that resembles an irregular, rough-skinned potato, growing chiefly in broadleaved woodland on calcareous soils. It is considered a culinary delicacy and found, especially in France, with the aid of trained dogs or pigs.

    Family Tuberaceae, subdivision Ascomycotina: Tuber and other genera

    • ‘Using his special truffling stick, he extracts the truffle from between the roots.’
    • ‘The truffle taste was strong and earthy and worked in nice harmony with the risotto.’
    • ‘From time to time, these should be released to seek truffles in the woodlands roundabout.’
    • ‘I think of truffles as the fungus that the Italians or French go to incredible lengths to gather using trained dogs or pigs and pay hundred to thousands of dollars a kilo.’
    • ‘Mushrooms are a speciality, most notably the truffles of Acqualagna.’
    • ‘Pasta dishes adorned with regionally grown truffles are popular, as are Piedmontese wines like the full-bodied aged Barolo.’
    • ‘Spoon a small amount of the truffle sauce around the potato cups and garnish with the chives.’
    • ‘Hart's truffles are the mycorrhizal associates of tree roots and are completely subterranean throughout their lives.’
    • ‘These prepare a seasonal cuisine of course, so in the autumn you should look out for truffles, the many varieties of wild mushrooms and berries, and wild meat.’
    • ‘Upon closer inspection, the top of the truffle had grown a delicate little beard, white and fuzzy.’
    • ‘The romantic cook also faces the tricky question of whether to serve up alleged aphrodisiacs such as oysters and truffles.’
    • ‘Examples of mycorrhizal fungi include truffles and Auricularia, the mushroom which flavors sweet-and-sour soup.’
    • ‘Educating the customer will take the form of regular truffle tastings and positioning the truffle case as a strong focal point in each store.’
    • ‘Gourmets stop and sniff as the all-pervading scent of truffles, of dark woodland places, of autumn, wafts from every shop and doorway…’
    • ‘Boletus and the famous truffles are examples of these types of mushrooms.’
    • ‘I struggled to taste the truffle in the light celeriac mousseline but all-in-all this wide array of flavours pulled together well.’
    • ‘The menu is small but solid and offers diners the chance to enjoy a selection of home-style cooking from the Perigueux region of France, an area renowned for its truffles, duck, goose and cêpes mushrooms.’
    • ‘Stalls will be laden with fresh, dried, wild and cultivated mushrooms and truffles as well as blackberries, wet walnuts and hazelnuts.’
    • ‘Virtually no other plants, except for those which need no water, can grow in such soil and the underground progress of the truffle mycelium can be charted by the spread of this barren ground.’
    • ‘It lives on subterranean fungi or, as we call them truffles if we're in France.’
  • 2A soft sweet made of a chocolate mixture, typically flavoured with rum and covered with cocoa.

    • ‘I decide not to bring the subject up, lest we choke on our chocolate truffles.’
    • ‘A kindredly vast chunk of chocolate truffle flavoured with orange, Armagnac and, perhaps, mint was a delicious confection.’
    • ‘Children will be keen to help and they love to make biscuits, chocolate truffles and peppermint creams too - all great activities for the holiday week before Christmas.’
    • ‘I shouldn't have eaten your chocolate truffles!’
    • ‘My other creation was very successful - dark chocolate muffins with truffle filling.’
    • ‘For dessert I had the chocolate truffle, but I only took a few bites as it was too sweet for me.’
    • ‘Waiting for them was a strawberry scented bubble bath, a box of dark chocolate truffles, and a bottle of white wine.’
    • ‘I enjoyed the chocolate truffle for dessert at dinner.’
    • ‘Polly also made some tiny chocolate tarts and truffles which had a subtle, unusual flavour.’
    • ‘They're halfway between a cookie and a chocolate truffle with an extraordinarily pure bittersweet chocolate flavor.’
    • ‘I already knew that this Aztec-themed store sold excellent chocolates, ganaches and truffles, but I had never tried any of their pastries.’
    • ‘The chocolate truffle torte with raspberries was an elegant offering, combining the virtues of a good British summer pudding with those of a silky French chocolate marquise.’
    • ‘Cover the plate of truffles loosely with plastic wrap, and store in the refrigerator until ready to eat.’
    • ‘His home-made chocolate truffles makes it worth ordering a coffee after dinner, even if caffeine keeps you awake all night.’
    • ‘On the dessert menu was apple pie, chocolate truffle, cheesecake covered with cherries and/or chocolate syrup, and ice cream.’
    • ‘My chocolate truffles and my mendiants were such fun to make and were so well received, that I was determined to repeat the experience this year.’
    • ‘A tray of miniature fruit ices appeared after dessert, along with mint truffles and slivers of candied ginger.’
    • ‘She was just about to go to the confectioners and buy Frank some of the dark chocolate truffles he liked so much when out of the corner of her eye she saw someone striding forcefully towards her.’
    • ‘Remember that the more alcohol you add then the softer the truffles will be, as it will stop the chocolate mix from setting firm.’
    • ‘She candies orange rind and rolls her own ganache truffles.’


Late 16th century: probably via Dutch from obsolete French truffle, perhaps based on Latin tubera, plural of tuber ‘hump, swelling’. truffle (sense 2) dates from the 1920s.