Definition of true-blue in English:



  • 1Unwavering in one's commitment; extremely loyal.

    ‘I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue patriot’
    ‘reformers will never convince the true-blue royalists’
    • ‘Nothing hurts worse than finding out your true-blue isn't so true.’
    • ‘James, being a true blue Georgie won't dream of supporting any team other than Newcastle.’
    • ‘Being a true-blue New Englander, where a newly-encountered person is considered to be the enemy until they can prove otherwise, this left me in with quite a dilemma.’
    • ‘She remained a true-blue friend through thick and thin, and I was so in love with her and Britta, and that led to complications.’
    • ‘Are these signs of a super-solid friendship - or warning signs a friendship that was once true-blue is turning true-glue?’
    • ‘If you two are true-blue, before long you'll feel like you were never even apart.’
    • ‘His remarks elicited cheers from the true-blue supporters in the audience, but only at the expense of alienating every single other person in the country.’
    • ‘Some uncles were devoted New Deal Democrats and others true-blue Republicans.’
    • ‘If you two are true-blue, your bond is about to become couple-crazy fun.’
    • ‘Padraig was a true blue follower of the games and was always willing to lend a helping hand whenever the need arose.’
    • ‘Only true-blue supporters are allowed into his rallies.’
    • ‘If Missouri is the land of ‘devotion to individual liberty,’ then I fear the attorney general is not a true-blue son of his home state.’
    • ‘Nearly everybody I count as a friend from the first few decades of my life is still true-blue.’
    • ‘A true-blue bud makes your life easier, not more confusing and painful.’
    • ‘Plus, people will wonder: If you aren't loyal to your own sis, what kind of a true-blue bud could you possibly be?’
    • ‘And while it is impossible to have dozens and dozens of very close friends, it is ideal to have many different friends along with a handful of true-blue ones.’
    • ‘These are the true blue supporters who are at the heart of the scene.’
    staunch, loyal, faithful, stalwart, committed, card-carrying, confirmed, dyed-in-the-wool, devoted, dedicated, firm, steadfast, dependable, reliable, trusty, steady, constant, unswerving, unwavering, unfaltering
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    1. 1.1British Staunchly loyal to the Conservative Party.
      ‘true-blue constituencies’
      • ‘Sure there was hardly a more loyalist, true-blue, Protestant street in the whole of Ulster.’
      • ‘His younger brother Paul, however, has transmuted from true-blue Tory to one of Labour's boys.’
      • ‘It has drawn considerable flak from her opponents, some of whom have, quite literally, put much effort into drawing constituents' attention to her true blue calling.’
      • ‘She was also a governor for no less than 14 schools and a true-blue Conservative who avoided wearing red at all costs.’
      • ‘But earlier, divisions between the centrist and true-blue wings of the party were on show.’
      • ‘'Back-stabbing and disloyalty,’ lamented another true-blue MP.’
      • ‘The true blue Daily Mail, described the episode yesterday as ‘the humiliation from the enemy within’.’
      • ‘Aides point out that, in 2001, they took both Tony Benn's old seat in Chesterfield and true-blue Guildford.’
      • ‘A council leader facing a court case has sensationally stood down for health reasons - leaving true-blue Prestbury with no Tory candidate in next month's elections.’
      • ‘Ironically, those are the very three issues which the true blue Daily Telegraph says are the reasons for its decision to support the Conservative party.’
      • ‘As it was, the true blue constituency was a Conservative walkover with three Tory candidates winning the three seats up for grabs.’
      • ‘But she is loved by the faithful, isn't she the honest true blue leader?’
      • ‘As for favourite colours, she is still a true-blue Tory.’
      • ‘The first moment of drama came in Putney early this morning when the Conservatives took back the once true blue seat with a six-point swing which was greeted by raucous cheers in south-west London.’
  • 2Real; genuine.

    ‘the tournament was won by a team of true-blue amateurs’
    • ‘LIKE SOME true-blue classic songs, it's always the speeches of the great orators that we remember from time to time.’
    • ‘Some of the best true-blue blossoms in the plant kingdom are found in this group.’
    • ‘Take time to get to know him, and by all means, let him get to know the true-blue you.’
    • ‘Why not reveal the creative side of your true-blue self?’
    • ‘Do not fault me, for all I did was to write a true-blue account of what happened.’
    • ‘They now need to start living up to their true-blue names.’
    • ‘Indeed, she was a true-blue sportswoman, always participating in sports even outside of school, at private clubs.’
    • ‘But a real true blue hero and champion human has just left us.’


  • A staunchly loyal supporter of the Conservative Party.

    • ‘Glad you were in the front row - I'm sure you are a true blue.’
    • ‘‘It's heading in the right direction,’ was the rallying cry from the Tory campaign team but in this election it was the Liberal Democrats and not the true blues who were gaining from the anti-Labour swing.’
    • ‘After experiencing more than a dozen campaigns the true blue told the Evening Press that the Prime Minister's party had his backing this time around.’