Definition of trouvère in English:



  • A medieval epic poet in northern France in the 11th–14th centuries.

    • ‘The trouvères were always ready to devise variations within set and accepted traditions.’
    • ‘Only the first of the three songs has the number of stanzas most usual for trouvère songs namely, five.’
    • ‘Reciters of epic poetry in the bardic tradition can loosely be described as minstrels, as can the instrumentalists who worked alongside the troubadours, trouvères, and Minnesinger.’
    • ‘The minnesinger tradition was the Germanic counterpart to the activity of the troubadors and trouvères to the west.’
    • ‘This song is an example of the ballade, one of the formes fixes, song patterns favored by the troubadours and trouvères and carried on by polyphonic song composers in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.’


From Old French trovere, from trover ‘to find’; compare with troubadour.