Definition of trouble spot in English:

trouble spot


  • A place where difficulties regularly occur, especially a country or area where there is a continuous cycle of violence.

    ‘she is famed for her reports from the world's trouble spots’
    • ‘The Evening Press reported earlier this month how vehicles were initially routed away from the trouble spot for four days after a driver was injured as he approached a stop.’
    • ‘They had come from all over the world to solve a particular problem and were intent upon finding a solution before returning to their particular trouble spot.’
    • ‘Police have been gathering evidence to impose a far-reaching dispersal order at the main trouble spot, the bus station.’
    • ‘He removed a small bit that was just in front of the burned area revealing the trouble spot.’
    • ‘The post box, in the shopping centre, has been a trouble spot for more than four years.’
    • ‘This has been a trouble spot despite efforts to upgrade the position.’
    • ‘It gave the world hope for political and economic cooperation, resolving an international trouble spot.’
    • ‘A total of five new floodlights have been installed and static cameras will be targeted directly at the trouble spot.’
    • ‘The only trouble spot in this performance is his reaction to Juliet's false death, which builds so slowly as to seem implausibly flat.’
    • ‘The trouble spot in the game's graphics comes from the camera.’
    • ‘According to the mayor, Paradise Alley has been a trouble spot in town for as long as anyone can remember.’
    • ‘The town is a trouble spot for flooding and earlier this month many residents and businesses were left in chaos when the River Avon burst its banks.’
    • ‘It had been a trouble spot for more than four years with intimidating gangs hanging around.’
    • ‘An area of Ferrybank is also known to be a trouble spot and in private estates on the other side of the city anti-social behaviour is taking place.’
    • ‘A trouble spot has been left without its state-of-the-art CCTV system for months because it was removed for evidence in a court case.’
    • ‘Many factors differentiate the nature of the disorders, including terrain, politics and the strategic location of the trouble spot.’
    • ‘Second, isolate the trouble spot if you can: ‘This is where things start going wrong.’’
    • ‘They were out of radio contact with their base, and proceeded to the trouble spot - no other choppers were at hand.’
    • ‘So the whole track has the potential to be a trouble spot.’
    • ‘In addition, there are serious concerns about the possible increase of flooding in a known trouble spot.’


trouble spot