Definition of tropospheric in English:



  • See troposphere

    • ‘More significant is the delay caused by the troposphere, in particular tropospheric water vapour, which is non-dispersive and must be estimated using models of pressure, temperature, and humidity variation with altitude.’
    • ‘So do all climate changes cause opposing trends in stratospheric and tropospheric temperatures?’
    • ‘The most egregious example is when the temperature sensor becomes coated with ice in a rain cloud, in which case upper tropospheric temperatures can be as much as 20 C too warm.’
    • ‘Further, distance-dependent or spatially correlated errors due to ionospheric, tropospheric or satellite orbit effects can be more accurately modelled in a network approach.’
    • ‘The authors demonstrate that the presence of stronger westerly jets in the stratosphere causes tropospheric weather systems to track further toward the pole.’