Definition of trophozoite in English:



Medicine Zoology
  • A growing stage in the life cycle of some sporozoan parasites, when they are absorbing nutrients from the host.

    • ‘The cyst wall disintegrates in the small intestine, releasing motile trophozoites.’
    • ‘Exposure to bile is the primary stimulus for encystation, where trophozoites transform into cysts that pass out with the feces.’
    • ‘Ingested cysts hatch into trophozoites in the small intestine and continue moving down the digestive tract to the colon.’
    • ‘To measure parasite burden of winners and losers, we assessed the number of eugregarine trophozoites in a male's mid-gut by removing the entire gut carefully and making light microscope thin-section preparations.’
    • ‘Biopsy of colonic ulcer edges may yield intramural trophozoites but carries with it the risk of perforation.’