Definition of trolleyed in English:


(also trollied)


  • Extremely drunk.

    ‘they decided to get really trolleyed to celebrate’
    • ‘I walk through Manchester at night a lot, I'm usually too trollied to be nervous, and more likely to hug a mugger.’
    • ‘It destroyed any pleasure I might have in sex: for years, I had to be tanked up - really trolleyed - to make love.’
    • ‘It's the same with how Brits are typecast abroad: not everybody in Britain goes out, gets absolutely trollied and walks around in an England shirt abusing foreigners!’
    • ‘Still, tis Xmas and the season to get trollied and be skint.’
    • ‘Having said that, the audience at the average Pam Ann gig is usually pretty trolleyed themselves, so it would take them a couple of seconds to get anything.’
    • ‘I rarely dance, even when I'm trolleyed, but Daara J had me bopping.’
    • ‘I'm currently torn between a total bah-humbug mood and the desire to go out, get completely trolleyed and do something outrageous and possibly regrettable.’
    • ‘Yan was up for the weekend, which was really awesome, so last night we had a sleepover at Tom's house and got really trolleyed and had fun and it was awesome.’
    • ‘I'm not sure; I was trolleyed by then because I'd had 10 beers to get the vindaloo down.’
    • ‘Another good thing about the bar having so much space is that if you are completely trolleyed you won't crash into every chair and table as you make your way to the toilets doing 3 steps left, 2 forward, 1 back and 3 right.’
    • ‘Don't go getting too trolleyed please.’
    • ‘Some of the kids got completely trollied every weekend!’
    • ‘Beautiful rooms, an eye-wateringly gorgeous view over the boats and out to sea, a balcony to sit out and watch the sea crash against the harbour wall and a bar which got us trollied on champagne cocktails.’
    • ‘After clubbing on Friday night, well, Saturday morning, still trollied, and the weather beautiful, I went for a walk down the canal to Castlefield.’
    • ‘Faced with the problem of needing a cooling drink he could sip without getting trolleyed, he came up with this.’
    • ‘Just spoke to J. She's now heading out to get completely trollied and woe betide the first male to try it on with her tonight.’
    • ‘It's really good fun, the atmosphere is very patriotic and it's hilarious to see some of the 'trolleyed' individuals trying to sing.’


1990s: compare with off one's trolley at trolley.