Definition of trogon in English:



  • A bird of tropical American forests, with a long tail and brilliantly coloured plumage.

    Family Trogonidae: several genera, in particular Trogon, and many species; the quetzals also belong to this family

    • ‘The small island was alive with wildlife: sloths, tapirs, peccaries, howler monkeys, tamarins, ocelots, blue - headed parrots, trogons and oropendolas, birds that make noises like water dropping on water.’
    • ‘Here we encountered our first hornbills of the trip, in addition to trogons and a most special coral-billed ground-cuckoo.’
    • ‘On the premises were ten species of hummingbirds, slaty-tailed trogon, rufous and broad-billed motmots, collared aricaris.’
    • ‘We also saw a citreoline trogon, a gorgeous bird with a predominantly yellow underside.’
    • ‘Time and again he provoked a response, be it from a Cuban parrot, a Cuban pygmy owl, a Cuban trogon or a Cuban red-bellied woodpecker.’


Late 18th century: from modern Latin, from Greek trōgōn, from trōgein ‘gnaw’.