Definition of trochanter in English:



  • 1Anatomy
    Any of a number of bony protuberances by which muscles are attached to the upper part of the thigh bone.

    • ‘Most weight-bearing locations were represented, including residual limbs, ischial tuberosities, trochanters, sacrum, and feet.’
    • ‘The trochanter serves as a site for muscle attachments.’
    • ‘The thigh markers were carefully placed in line with the markers on the lateral condyles and greater trochanters.’
    • ‘The piriformis originates from the anterior surface of the sacrum and inserts into the upper part of the greater trochanter, passing out of the pelvis through the greater sciatic notch.’
    • ‘The hip trochanters were at about the level of the iliac crest.’
  • 2Entomology
    The small second segment of the leg of an insect, between the coxa and the femur.

    • ‘The legs of all insects are made up of the same basic parts - femur, trochanter, coxa, tibia and tarus, but they can differ considerably.’
    • ‘Both types of arthropods employ two short basal segments, coxa and trochanter, although the trochanter and femur are fused in some insects.’
    • ‘All coxae triangular, trochanter comprising a single podomere, legs similar, composed of seven podomcres.’


Early 17th century: from French, from Greek trokhantēr, from trekhein ‘to run’.