Definition of trivial name in English:

trivial name


  • 1A name that is in general use although not part of systematic nomenclature.

    ‘its common trivial name is citric acid’
    • ‘We listed a trivial name only in cases, such as ‘methyl orange’, where all that was needed was to identify ‘the substance in the bottle’.’
    • ‘The Levinson system of nomenclature was proposed originally for rare-earth minerals in order to avoid a proliferation of trivial names.’
    • ‘IUPAC maintains a number of historical names called trivial names that identify well-known elements and compounds.’
    1. 1.1Zoology
      another term for specific epithet
      • ‘The trivial name enormis must be a joke as the holotype is only 23 mm in length!’
      • ‘The trivial name is derived form the Latin ‘crista,’ meaning ridge, and ‘spina,’ meaning spine, describing the spined transverse ridges on the carapace.’
      • ‘The trivial name alludes to the row of metal spines on the third pereiopod which distinguishes this species from other members of the genus.’
      • ‘The generic name is taken from the trivial name of Xanthilites verrucoides in reference to the wart-like appearance of the ornamentation of the two species in this genus.’
      • ‘The trivial name nudus (L.) refers to the lack of cirri on the column of this new species of Camptocrinus.’