Definition of trivet in English:



  • 1An iron tripod placed over a fire for a cooking pot or kettle to stand on.

    • ‘The kettle remained almost permanently on the trivet.’
    • ‘Satisfied, she turned back to Lucky and motioned towards a steaming kettle sitting on an iron trivet on top of the wood stove.’
    • ‘On and around them are all sorts of spits, racks, trivets, pans, kettles, cauldrons and hot plates, all fashioned out of black cast iron.’
    • ‘His opening slide was of a cast iron trivet with a steaming kettle on top.’
    • ‘We use cast iron teapots on trivets, and this both intensifies the unique flavors and creates an atmospheric experience.’
    base, support, mounting, platform, rest, plinth, bottom
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    1. 1.1 An iron bracket designed to hook on to bars of a grate for a similar purpose.
      • ‘The front of such trivet bracket is shaped to correspond with the front edge of the bracket carrying the grate and is formed to project from the thickness of the trivet bracket that such projecting edge may rest on the edge of the bracket carrying the grate and the trivet be thereby supported and prevented from revolving.’
    2. 1.2 A stand or support with three or more legs.
      • ‘Practical as protectors under wine glasses, they can also be set side by side to create a trivet for a vase or a pitcher.’
      • ‘I'd taken the glass turntable out to wash and thought it would be OK to use it without, just to heat milk, forgetting that the plastic supporting trivet would still turn round…’
      framework, rack, holder, stand, base, support, mounting, mount, platform, prop, horse, rest, chock, plinth, bottom, bracket, frame, subframe, structure, substructure, chassis
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  • (as) right as a trivet

    • informal Perfectly all right; in good health.

      • ‘‘In with you,’ he ordered Betty, after a preliminary examination of the harness which, he announced, was ‘as right as a trivet.’’
      • ‘It was of course triangular; and hence, if a Cockney understood Latin, and the noted motto of the Isle of Man were submitted to his notice, he, observing the allusion to the three legs, would naturally translate ‘QUOCUNQUE JECERIS STABIT’ into his own vernacular, ‘It's as right as a trivet.’’
      • ‘Apart from that, everything's as right as a trivet and running on schedule.’
      • ‘What comes up out of the earth he gives again to the earth, but what is divine, that he keeps; and so I believe that his inner consciousness, in spite of the apparent madness which springs from it to the surface, is as right as a trivet.’
      • ‘‘We're all right - as right as a trivet,’ said the coachman, after a pause of perplexity; ‘I thought our notions were getting rather wide apart, and that one of us wanted putting straight; but I see what you mean, and quite go along with your opinion, step for step.’’
      fine, all right, well, in good shape, in good health, fit, healthy, as fit as a fiddle, as fit as a flea, in fine fettle, up to snuff
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Late Middle English: apparently from Latin tripes, triped- ‘three-legged’, from tri- ‘three’ + pes, ped- ‘foot’.