Definition of triturate in English:



[with object]technical
  • 1Grind to a fine powder.

    ‘insoluble materials were triturated with lactose’
    • ‘After 6-7 days at 28°, mosquitoes were triturated in undiluted fetal bovine serum at a concentration of 35 mosquitoes/ml serum.’
    • ‘Some triturated powders can be prepared in a lapidary tumbler, using steel balls to do the grinding.’
    • ‘Anthracinum, which is prepared by triturating the dried puss from anthrax, is a very effective prophylactic against anthrax.’
    • ‘For total phenols, the leaves were air-dried, triturated and analysed using the method of Swain.’
    • ‘The supernatants were removed and the pellets triturated with 700 l of PBS / 10% FBS.’
    fine-grained, powdery, dusty, chalky, floury, powdered, ground, granulated, crushed, pulverized
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    1. 1.1 Chew or grind (food) thoroughly.
      ‘the gizzard is a part of the alimentary canal where food is triturated and broken up’
      • ‘This can be a risk for aspiration of triturated food prior to the swallow.’
      • ‘If the mandibles continuously carry out mastication, a large part of the finely triturated food items would be lost into the surrounding environment.’
      • ‘It thus seems that this is not an apparatus for crushing the food, but for expressing the liquid from the food triturated by the jaws.’
      chew, munch, champ, chomp, crunch, eat
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Mid 18th century: from Latin triturat- ‘(of corn) threshed’, from tritura ‘rubbing’ (from the verb terere).