Definition of tritocerebrum in English:



  • The third and hindmost segment of an insect's brain.

    • ‘In crustaceans, the deutocerebrum and tritocerebrum feed nerves into the primary and secondary antenna respectively.’
    • ‘The protocerebrum possesses optic centers and optic nerves, while the tritocerebrum contains the nerves which supply the chelicerae.’
    • ‘Mutation and overexpression of labial result in altered homeotic gene expression in the tritocerebrum.’
    • ‘The tritocerebrum is linked to subesophageal ganglion by circumesophageal connectives and to the frontal ganglion by frontal commisure.’
    • ‘Three key transitions in the development of the hypostome are given and possible origins for the hypostome and tritocerebrum are indicated.’