Definition of tritiated in English:



  • (of a compound) in which the ordinary isotope of hydrogen has been replaced with tritium.

    • ‘However, for this calculation, data on the diffusivity of tritiated water in water vapour (self-diffusion) and data on the molar fraction of water in helium at different degrees of water saturation are required.’
    • ‘The concentrations of the inhibitor solutions were determined by testing the incorporation of tritiated uridine and radiolabelled amino acids (S-met, S-cys mixture).’
    • ‘We assessed total extraction efficiencies by adding known quantities of tritiated testosterone solution to samples before extraction; extraction efficiencies were, on average, 69%.’
    • ‘The stereochemistry of several of the reactions of biosynthesis of ABA has been probed by the use of stereospecifically tritiated mevalonic acids which have been incorporated into ABA by ripening avocado fruit.’
    • ‘In plants the organization of DNA as multiple replicons can be readily visualized by fibre autoradiography, in which replicating DNA molecules are labelled with tritiated thymidine.’